Ostrobia is a federation of fourteen states: divided to nine primary states (Maine, Northern Ostrobia, New North Wales, Holmes, Alnet, Heblo, South Central, Haliheim, Holboken), three self determination republics (Hyenia, Prethenia, Stratoherra), two city states (National Territory, Seblo Intergrated State) and two outer Ostrobian territories (New Cambera, Heligoland)

Thirteen out of fourteen states are in the Ostrobian Mainland with one notable exception of New Cambera, which was purchased from the Scandinavians, and is located 488.48km away from Maine City.

Primary states are partially self-governing, as well being represented in the federal parliament; city territories are administered by the federal government however residents can vote for city council leaders and a state governor. Self Determination States or Republics are states with full level of autonomy with their own government and prime minister, and the Federal Government has little control of the state, but they are considered part of Ostrobia internationaly.

States are also used for the EU NUTS-2 stastical divisions

List of StatesEdit

Flag State name Abbrev\ISO Locator Type Capital Largest State Language Population Region
Alnetstateflag Alnet ALT G, H State Ostrobia Beigen English + Ostrobian North Midlands (HHZ in NW)
Haliheimstateflag Haliheim HLM S, T State Hestina City English + Ostrobian South West
Heblostateflag Heblo HBO K, L State Aranley English + Ostrobian South Midlands
Heligoland HLI W Outer Ostrobia Territory Haven-fan-Zyl English + Frisian  South East
Holbokenstateflag Holboken HOL U State Noel City English + Ostrobian South East
Holmesflag Holmes HLS F, G State Dardly English + Stratoherran North East (MDS in NW)
Hyaniaflag Hyenia HYE N, P Republic Donjekt Stratoherran Hyenian South East
Mainestateflag Maine MNE B, C State Maine City English + Stratoherran North West
Nationalterritoryflag National Territory NTR A Territory Rostery\Victoria Haswell English + Ostrobian North West
Newnorthwalesflag New North Wales NNW E State Eden Etusk English North West
New Cambera NCA V Outer Ostrobian Territory Ramsey English North West
Northernostrobiastateflag Northern Ostrobia NOS C, D State Tenarite English + Stratoherran North East (BSB in NW)
Prethinastateflag Prethenia PRT J Republic Setto French North Midlands
Seblointergratedstateflag Seblo Intergrated State SIS H Territory North Quay Arnadale English + Ostrobian South West
Southcentralstateflag South Central SCL M State Dazalum Bsu English + Ostrobian South Midlands
Stratoherraflag Stratoherra STR R Republic Stratoherra City Stratoherran South West

Government and StructureEdit

Comparison of local government servicesEdit

Service provided State & Territories County & LGA (Treien & Seblo)
Planning applications
Strategic planning
Transport planning
Passenger transport
Ambulance services
Social services
Leisure and recreation
Waste collection
Waste disposal
Environmental health
Revenue collection
  1. Housing services are jointly provided by the state and the council
  2. Passenger transport is only provided by Treien, Prethenia, Stratoherra, Hyenia or Seblo. All other states are controlled by the Federal government with exception of buses and taxis.
  3. Highways are all peices of roads, walkways and bridleways. Motorways and some R roads are controlled by the Federal Government
  4. Revenue collections is done by the state, the county recieves a 35% to 40% cut for every per inhabitant living on the county