Radio Television Seblo ptc (known as RTVS, TSX: XFE, SSX Euronext: RTV) is an independent TV broadcasting company and a media company in Ostrobia and a radio station exclusively in Seblo. It was established in 1986 by the merger of RTVS Group and XNFCE Group, however individual state television channels exisited since 1956.

They also fund and maintain OTC and SSK which are the first indigious language channels in Ostrobia.

TV divisionsEdit

Shareholder Pre 2000 independent Channel Post 2000 RTVS Division Coverage Local News
XNFCE (RTVS Operations North ltd) XNFCE XNFCE North Maine XNFCE News (North)
XNFCE South New North Wales XNFCE News (South)
XNFCE Treien National Territory XNFCE Metro News
Statesman Statesman Alnet Statesman News
Spirit Northern Spirit Northern Ostrobia Spirit News
Holmes (Central) Heart of Holmes Central Holmes Heart of Holmes News
Holmes (Eastern) Head of Holmes Eastern Holmes Head of Holmes News
English-Prethenia TV ltd. Prethenia TV PTV by RTVS Prethenia Around Prethenia
Straits (RTVS Operations Central Ltd) Straits Straits West Heblo Straits Reports (West)
Straits East South Central Voyager
Stratoherran Government English Stratoherran TV (half owned by Stratoherran government) Stratoherra English Stratoherra News
English HyeniaTV ltd. Hyenia TV Hyenia TV Hyenia Hyenia English Reports
RTVS Group Ltd. RTVS RTVH Haliheim Calendar
RTVE Holboken Shoreline
RTVS Seblo Seblo Reports

Current radio stationsEdit

RTVS Radio SebloEdit

RTVS Radio Seblo is the only radio station that RTVS operates. It is Seblo's principal radio station and is the most tuned station in Seblo. RTVS Radio Seblo broadcasts pop and charting music, however has various programmes throughout the day such as Good Morning Seblo, Throwback Time, Commuting Home, Friday Feelings and Seblo's Hottest.

RTVS Radio Seblo has been broadcasting since 1928. It transmits from the Seblo Tower.

RTVS Radio South WestEdit

RTVS Radio South West was formed by RTVS settlements outside of the Seblo area. This included Chebalah, Yellow City, Cuchenhaven, Densans and Hestina City. RTVS Radio South West is broadcasted from Hestina City. RTVS has also expanded to cover the entire Haliheim and West Holboken area.

Defunct radio stationsEdit


In 1996, RTVS launched RadioXYZ to appeal to a more national audience. RadioXYZ broadcasted from Seblo and was exclusively outside of Seblo. XYZ failed as it did not appeal to the more local area and was pulled off from the air in 2007.

RTVS KissEdit

In 1998, RTVS launched Kiss to Maine, Treien, New North Wales, Northern Ostrobia, Central Holmes and Alnet to moderate success. Kiss focused more locally unlike RadioXYZ, however it was deamed financial unstable in 2011 and was sold off to EMIradio which rebranded itself to Kiss.


MiddleRadio was a counterpart to Kiss in Heblo, South Central and Stratoherra. MiddleRadio was rebranded to MR in 2007 to better appeal to a growing audience. MR was brought by EMIradio.

RTVS RadioNews & RadioClassicalEdit

In 1999, RTVS launched RTVS RadioNews & RadioClassical with very little success with RTVS refusing anymore funding for it. It was pulled off from Seblonian airwaves in 2000.