Current federal political seats in Ostrobia

Parliament is the supreme legislature in Mainland Ostrobia. Since the parliament's inception in 1920, elections have been held every two years. The current Parliament, elected in 2017 is the 27th in line. The parliament is a bicameral, multi-party system consisting of two bodies, the Federal Council which is the upper house and the Federal Chamber which is the lower house. There are 416 seats available in the Federal Chamber, each representing a special ward of the mainland. The Federal Council represents the 11 states, 2 territories and the 2 external regions. There are 98 representatives in the Federal Council with one seat holding the Premier.

It possesses legislative supremacy and has ultimate power over all other political bodies in the Ostrobian mainland, therefore it has no jurisdiction on Hyenia and Stratoherra which has its own legislatures, Ehméstn Nákess and Lagting respectively.


The precursor of the 1920 Parliament, is the Federal Chamber itself which represents the states that made up Yellow Ostrobia at that time, which was at the start: Maine, New North Wales, parts of Holmes, Alnet, Heblo and parts of Haliheim. During the various civil wars in Ostrobia, parliament increased in size to compensate for the new territories which were subsequently organised to the different states over time.

In 1920, the Reformation of Ostrobia occured which overhaulled the politcal system of Ostrobia. A new upper house was created called the Federal Council which oversaw the unity of Ostrobia. Laws will need approval from the Federal Chamber and the Federal Council.

In 1973, under the Power Sharing Treaty, both Hyenia and Stratoherra left the Ostrobian parliament to form their own legislatures. Today both Hyenia and Stratoherra appoint a minster for Ostrobian federal affairs, Sullutáerá and Farværge respectively.

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