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News: There will be massive overhauls on Ostrobian history (as it is not realistic) and some Ostrobian Cities which will take place in the course of a few months. See the TODO list for more details :)

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The Federal Republic of Ostrobia is a large island nation and constitutional republic in the North Sea, near the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the UK. The Ostrobians speak English and Ostrobian and they have a varied, mixed culture based on many influences from surrounding countries. The capital Treien is situated on the North Island of Ostrobia. The country has about 75.3 million inhabitants and consists of 13 states. The incumbent Prime Minister is Jo Lutz of the Union of Conservative Parties.
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Now in Treien, Ostrobia

Thursday August 22, 2019

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New York: 08:58
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Remembering 100 years of the end of the Ostrobian Civil War

All Ostrobians around Ostrobia will remember the end of the Ostrobian Civil War today. In Treien last night, the Tower of Liberty and the Memorial of Fallen Ostrobians was lit red to comenmorate the end of World War I and the Civil War. The armistice was signed on 11 November 1918, ending the Civil War between the Ostrobians, Rutlanders, Proijtia, Hyenians and Stratoherrans. It created the Ostrobian Provisional Republic (OPR) which lasted between 12 November 1918 to June 20 1920 in which the modern Federation was created.

At 11:00, the minute silence will be observed accross the islands. After that, a memorial service hosted by the Ostrobian Army, Ostrobian Air Force, Ostrobian Sea Force, Ostrobian Marines, the thirteen premiers that make up the federation, the PM and her cabinet and the members of the Senate and the Federal Council would take place inside the Tower of Liberty.

State wide rememberences will also take place in key capital cities, including an OAF flyover across the Island, starting from New Camberra at 12 o clock and ending at Noel City at 7 o clock.

UTCC goes live in Ostrobia

Ostrobian's every state and city will now have a Universal Transport Chip Card, as part of Alexandria Zewenstkee's transport policy. The UTCC will cut down on multiple tickets, instead opting in for a single card that can be used in any transport system, from Ramsey to Noel. UTCC cards are given out for free by the state government but residents may top up their UTCC card or set up a direct debit transfer to pay for transport methods. Alexandria Zewenstkee also wants to remove what she describes as the "OBR Ticket Hell" where people misplace season tickets. Season tickets are now embedded in the UTCC and UTCC cards automatically default in to standard class tickets, but you can change this using the app on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Alternatively you can also go to the government's website and set defaults and also set limits etc. UTCC is also compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, all you need to do is set your card up to work with your phone.

Ticket fares in respective states and cities will stay the same.

120,000 Year 11 and Year 13 students take their HSE\CSE this month

120,000 Year 11 and Year 13 students are set to take part the annual HSE\CSE exams this month and next month as well. The Ministry of Education states that this year was one of the largest take-ins for HSE\CSE exams. Last year 76% of the country recieved a 9 - 5 rating and it is set to go up this year. The first exam will commence at Wednesday 9 May for HSE and CSE students and will end at Friday 8 June this year.

2018 Data Security Act (GDPR) makes organisations more wary about data

The 2018 Data Security Act, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation is a brand new law introduced by the European Union and will be transcoded to Ostrobian law as the Data Security Act. This allows individuals more clarity on what is being done with their data, especially after the recent missteps that Facebook used. By the 25 May, all corporations must be DSA18-Compliant. The Ministry for Digital Affairs stated that all companies must start reviewing their policies ahead of time.

MAGAZINE: Is the EU using Ostrobia for Brexit?

As the Brexit timebomb goes forward, several UK and Ostrobian politicans has critised the EU by using Ostrobia as a bargaining chip for the EU. The Ostrobian PM has repeatedly declined the prospect of a CANZOUK trade bloc and prefers to stay in the EU single market instead, stating her position as "based on common sense." She also aims to protect the 2.2 million British workers and 15 million people with British ancestry by allowing them an easy access to the UK. In London, the Ostrobian High Commissioner was overwhelmed by the number of requests to grant UK workers, the majority of which were born in the EU, a residency permit. Most London based firms are now looking to Ostrobia for buisness, mainly due to Ostrobia's stable market. Two EU agencies are preparing the move to Treien, which all begs the question, is the EU using Ostrobia for Brexit?

Ostrobia is more socially, culturaly and economically more intergrated than the UK. Ostrobia has accepted nearly all of the EU treaties, except for the Eurozone and a survey from govpoll.os suggests that 76% support the EU compared to the 22% who disliked it. Let's face it, Ostrobia is more intergrated in Europe than the UK. So it makes sense that the EU is using Ostrobia to deal with the UK, particularly the freedom of movement amongst other things.

MAGAZINE: Worst Places to live in Ostrobia by state

The Sunday newspaper, National7 compiled a list of the worst places to live in Ostrobia, based on poverty, HSE qualifications, crime and teenage gangs and social conditions.

  • NEW NORTH WALES: Maryna Bay (7 in national rankings)
  • ALNET: Rosal(24 in national rankings)
  • MAINE: Newcastle Rock (13 in national rankings)
  • NORTHERN OSTROBIA: Kembactchu, Tenarite (9 in national rankings)
  • HOLMES: Averly, Dardly (2 in national rankings)
  • NATIONAL TERRITORY: Trading Estate, Treien (5 in national rankings)
  • PRETHENIA: Tezon-on-Prethenia (12 in national rankings)
  • SOUTH CENTRAL Chanslwood, Bsu (3 in national rankings)
  • HEBLO Hebzo (1 in national rankings)
  • STRATOHERRA Lovetts (52 in national rankings)
  • HALIHEIM Wellington (28 in national rankings)
  • SEBLO INT STATE Hornsby (4 in national rankings)
  • HOLBOKEN The Mineries (6 in national rankings)

Top 10 across the country 10) Dazalum, South Central 9) Kembactchu, Tenarite, Northern Ostrobia 8) Bembarlaugh, Bsu, South Central 7) Maryna Bay, New North Wales 6) The Mineries, Holboken 5) Trading Estate, Treien 4) Hornsby, Seblo 3) Chanslwood, Bsu, South Central 2) Averly, Dardly, Holmes 1) Hebzo (West), Heblo

All Clear - Alles Duidelyk - Fri Bane
Haswell is a major city in the Treien Commuter Belt. It had 232,119 inhabitants in Census 2011, risen to 254,400 in 2015. It's governed under the City of Haswell LGA in the east of Treien. The LGA was merged from the City of North Haswell, City of Velham and City of Media Plain in the LGA Expansion in 2002.

Haswell is the largest city in North East Treien. It is part of the North East Corridor and is a major transport hub for North East suburbs and intercity Great Northern services.

Haswell seal
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