Not to be confused of the City of Treien

The National Territory (Ostrobian: Nationale Grondgebied) is a territory located in the Treien Metropolitian Area. It incompases the City of Treien and the government. It is controlled directly by the Federal Government and the Treien City Council. Its state capitol is at Hamlewood near Parliament House.

Its minister is Lisa Hues of the Social Democratic Party, who is also the Mayor of Treien.


National Territory was originaly part of New North Wales, but in 1936, an idea was proposed to give Treien autonomy and form a new state, called National Territory which was made in effect in the 1946 State Plan. The mayor was also to be the minister of the territory. Treien was once capital of New North Wales but the state government moved its operations to Eden in 1945 after World War II.

The overall state plan was critisied because of the controversial desicion to move the Ostrobian countries of Red Beach, Elementarron, Brundton and Brendton from New North Wales, an Ostrobian State to Maine, a Stratoherran State governed by Maine City rather than Treien which was the capital of New North Wales back then. The Maine State Government has promised to keep Ostrobian identity in the new counties but it has not stopped ethnic and political tensions. This also occured with the dissolution of the Central Holmes Territory in 1932 which combined the Ostrobian and Stratoherran Holmes States as one state, governed in Holmes City.

In 1952, a flag was created with a coat of arms. Before then, the Ostrobian federal flag was used.


The counties of the National Territory are

  • Bradwood
  • Central Highlights
  • Treien CBD
  • Docklands
  • South Shore
  • Emburg
  • Eastern Highlights
  • West Shore
  • North Shore

The National Territory borders the counties of Thunder Bay, South Maine and Lower Oereomond in Maine and Oppingdon and Etusk in New North Wales


The official anthem for the National Territory is Dit is het Grondgebied, meaning This is the Territory.