The LGA Expansion was an initiative to make local government in Ostrobia more consistent and better-equipped. This was achieved by merging and reworking some urban local government areas. Most rural areas were, however, unaffected by the changes. These became official in Treien on January 22, 2016, Seblo on February 1, 2016, Dardly on April 23, 2016, Aranley on June 6, 2016 and the state of Alnet on October 8, 2016.

In TreienEdit

In SebloEdit

In DardlyEdit

  • The former council area of Broxbourne, Ymityaal, Pottersbrook and Brubressent was split from the City of Eastern Dardly to form the City of South Eastern Dardly
  • The LGA name of 'Possemijer' was changed to 'Possemyer' marking the end of the use of 'ij' in Ostrobian names

In AranleyEdit

  • The former council areas of Surrey, Surrey East and Surrey Heights were merged to become the new City of Surrey
  • The former council area of Westkerk and Kerkside were merged to become the new Kerk Council

In AlnetEdit

  • The former council area of St. Vincent was changed from a shire to a farmwood, following updated requirements for farmwood status (its population was deemed too small for a shire).