Heblostateflag Heblocoatofarms
Flag Coat of arms
Slogan or nickname The Garden State
Motto(s) Peace and Prosperity
Capital city Aranley
Demonym Heblonian
Government Constitutional monarchy
 • Premier Henry Vander (UOCP)
 • Population (2011) 2,400,000
 • Highest point Freston Hills
Time zone(s) CET (+1), CEST (+2)
Federal representation
 • House seats 37/150
 • Senate seats 12/76
 • Postal HBO
 • ISO 3166-2 OS-HBO

Heblo is an Ostrobian state located south west of the Ostrobian Strait. Most of its population is concentraited in the northern section where the Ostrobian Strait is located to the north, and the southern section where it borders Stratoherra and Haliheim. Geographically it is the second largest state in Ostrobia after Holmes. It is bordered by Alnet across the Ostrobian Strait, South Central to the east, Stratoherra to the south east and Haliheim to the south.