StateNew North Wales
 • LGACapital District
 • Mayor??? (Lib)
 • City? km2
? sq mi
Elevation42 m (138 ft)
 • Estimate (2015)250,000
 • Census (2011)234,263
Ethnic Groups
Postal CodeE12-13
Telephone Code0572
Eden (Ostrobian: Eyleden) is the second-largest city of New North Wales, first being Etusk. It has an estimated population in 2015 of 250 000, and the census in 2011 gave the population as 234 263. The city is located in the State Capital District about 60 km south of Treien on the M1 motorway. Eden is best known for its scenic Hill Gardens, but has many other attractions as well.

In March 2019, New North Wales officially moved its capital from Eden to Etusk citing more integration with Treien and the rise of Etusk as the sole city of New North Wales.


Eden is located inland from Sydney Bay in an area known as the Northern Lowlands. The elevation of the city increases from north to south, with its lowest point being 47 m at the River Shalsham, and highest is 80 m at the Hill Gardens.

Twin TownsEdit

  • Colchester, United Kingdom
  • Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Montauban, France
  • Rochester, NY, USA


Road transport is served by the M1 (junction 7) and R4 motorways, as well as the minor 1, 2, 61, and 101. Eden has two train stations, Eden and West Eden. Eden is served by Southwestern Highspeed services with fast services to Treien, Etusk, Helen Hozacky, Ostrobia Beigen, Ayskery, Freston Bay, Aranley, Yellow City, Seblo and Hestina City. Slower regional services are served by Treien North Western Railway serving other destinations in New North Wales and Holmes. West Eden is served by Treien North Western Railway only and services run on the West Coastaway Line between Ostrobia Beigen via Maryna Bay.

Town LifeEdit


Bus services are provided by Transport for New North Wales and Helen Hozacky Buses due to it's close proximity to the town.


Unusually for a city of its size in Ostrobia, Eden only has one football team in the national league, this is Eden City FC. They play at EastBank Stadium in the city center.


Eden has 7 high schools and 4 higher institutions. The University of New North Wales is not located however a direct bus service from Eden Bus Station to the Etusk Campus exist. Multiple elementary schools and daycares also serve younger children.

Eden also has two private schools - Eden Boy's School and the New Wales County High School for Girls

High SchoolsEdit

  • Anderson High School
  • Moresham High School
  • West Eden High School
  • Benson School of Preforming Arts
  • Gereyson High School
  • Heyumpbuth School
  • Sir Loythe School

Higher InstitutionsEdit

  • TAFE Eden
  • Eden City College
  • West Eden College
  • Benson College of Preforming Arts


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