Aranley (Ostrobian: Ayrnley, Stratoherran: Yaranly, Hyenian:Yranly)  is the capital and the largest city of the Heblo state. It is a major Ostrobian port and it has a population of 832,521 as of 2015. The city is named after Duke O'Yranly who governed the Duchy of Heblo - Stratoherran Commonwealth from 1432 to 1451. It was burnt by British invaders in 1681 and was under breif French control until the British and the Netherlands pushed the French out of the area in 1815.

Aranley is located in south western Heblo. At the south is the fishing town of Cyutalban and at the south east lies Stratoherra City, at the north lies Tujankto and at the north east lies Urners. The city has nine suburbs, Haugen , Opeler , Kubaln , Yunerjal , Nubjacklin , Frestoj , Tubahal , Dethjan and Nuel-Hal-Dubal. The river Ostoj starts from Aranley and ends at the town of Banto


Aranley is located at the Ostoj Bay and is surrounded by the Heblo Hills. Most of the land is fertile and agriculture is predominant on the rural areas. Most of the produce at Aranley is mostly apples and apricots. Ostoj Bay is a famous beach spot for Western Europe and Aranley enjoys an oceanic climate as with rest of Ostrobia.

The Aranley - Stratoherra corridor is an Open Access Area so both cities use the same airport, seaport, bus services and residents can freely choose to live in Stratoherra and work in Aranley or the other way around. They both share public services, run a joint city council but has seperate mayors for the cities.